More than 20 years ago

We started this textile industry, under the firm idea of becoming market leaders.

We train conscious, responsible and productive human beings, who every day offer the best of themselves to satisfy the demands of our services under the quality of our products.

This is how our effort over the years has led us to manufacture, make up and make any type of garment under the guidelines of innovation and versatility.


Become the #1 company of the textile industry in the region, being recognized nationally and internationally for integrating technology, innovation and quality into our products and whose flexibility allows us to serve all markets.


We seek to satisfy the needs of our clients with the highest quality standards.


We are committed to doing things effectively and efficiently in order to offer our customers the highest quality textile products.


It is a fundamental value for us since we seek our collaborators to grow and develop in an environment of integration and cooperation as a team.


Every day we work with rectitude and truthfulness, complying with all the stipulated rules, both with the company and with our staff.


We work to fulfill satisfactorily the commitments and obligations that we constantly acquire with our clients.
Our quality goals



Continuous improvement.

Staff training.

Compliance in a timely manner.