Our company incorporates:

  • Design Department.
  • Stamping service.
  • Needlework service.
  • Laundry service.
  • Confection.
  • Sale of industrial uniforms.

Quality Sew develops garments such as jackets, pants, shirts and dresses.

We take to reality the design you have in mind and if you don't have one yet, our design department would help you until you have the last detail done.




Quality Sew is a company that assembles garments with exportation quality. It was founded 14 years ago with the firm idea of being QUALITY leaders.

We are convinced that the only way to provide a good service and excellent quality in our products is through the development of conscious, responsible and productive human beings that give their very best each day to completely satisfy marketing demands.

Up to this day Quality Sew is recognized for its productivity and commitment with its clients and employees.



Quality Sew's mission is excellency in service, product quality and clients trustfulness through the commitment of the company with its employees.

Respect, honesty, and self-conscious of a teamwork makes Quality Sew into a succesful company, and any other new project becomes a challange that turns out to be an opportunity of personal growth, which opens us a world of possibilities for the personnel and for the company as well.



Quality Sew's objective is to be a nationally and internationally renowned company, where its principle of service is the inspiring source that makes it possible to offer viable and convenient solutions to its clients.

Quality Sew is recognized for its honesty, commitment and continuous capacitation to its employees which translates into productivity and benefits its clients.


Quality Sew exports to USA and England.
Our company has experience in the textile industry, tailoring for the most prestigious brands across the world such as:

  • Pacific Continental Textiles
  • Walmart
  • Volcom
  • True Religion
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Calvin Klein
  • American Eagle
  • Matix Clothing
  • Anchor Blue
  • American Dawn, Inc.


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Quality Sew, S.A. de C.V.

Plant 1
Road Paso de Cortes #2512-1
San Pedro Cholula. Puebla, Mexico
C.P. 72764

Plant 2
Street 19 Ote. #209 Col. Centro
San Pedro Cholula. Puebla, Mexico
C.P. 72760

01 52 (222) 261 2383